Interim Management
Management from the Latin: manum ageree, meaning 'to lead by the hand'


lays the foundations for targeted leadership.
sets the standard for achieving the desired effect.
means being in a position to open up new markets.
includes working together to cease existing opportunities.
creates relationships to grow together, equally and simultaneously.

I offer my services to decision-makers who:

are visionary, progressive and goal-oriented.
initiate, plan, position and implement new ideas.
win others over and take them forward.
make changes in preparation for the future.
adapt structures and processes to dynamic markets.

Strategy and direction:
Think ahead and act in a focused way. Recognise and ultiliise opportunities. Determine direction.

Communication and orientation:
Explain the background and express the essential. Create meaning and mobilise those involved. Generate a dialogue
and provide orientation.

Marketing and positioning:
Plan your strategies and direct them towards customers. Consolidate measures and tailor them to the market. Target market your products and services.

Interfaces and barriers:
Recognise possibilities and combine strengths. Overcome obstacles and create connections. Take new paths.

Teamwork and cooperation:
Be aware of differences and make use of unique perspectives. Acknowledge differences and benefit from them. Grow with one another.

As a management consultant I will accompany you

in developing, designing and planning concepts.
in executing change in your company.
in improving communication and cooperation.
in positioning and establishing your company.
in working with your colleagues, employees and customers.
internally, between departments, and externally.
Up and down, left and right.
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